LaurenbirthdayI adopted a greyhound recently. He was shedding like crazy and had lots of dandruff. I started him on Nature’s Variety Salmon and Brown Rice and have seen great results. He now has an extremely shiny coat and no shedding or dandruff. Thanks All is Well.                                                                                                   – Cindy A.




Jones Variety Bag 20 PiecesRuby and Cooper LOVE Jones Natural Chews (the variety bag). These treats proved to be a lifesaver for my furniture and shoes!  With these on hand, I never have an incident of Ruby chewing on something that isn’t hers.  The hooves and bones last for a long time when chewed on by a Dachshund mix puppy.  For Cooper, a BIG black lab, these chews take him a bit longer to consume than most chews or bones. These bones are also handy for when the dogs get anxious and run wild around the house. They are also a GREAT price at All is Well! Thanks for keeping Jones Natural Chews in stock!                                                                                     – J. Ikerd

Ducky World Yeowww Catnip Banana & PillowsOne of the best products you have is the Yeowww! Catnip Banana and Pillow toys.  My girls love them so much, I have given them as gifts to other feline friends.  One feline friend can’t wait to rip the banana and the pillow open to get to the catnip.  What a way to get your exercise! My brother said his cat was sleeping when he held the catnip pillow in front of his cat’s nose…..instant awake.  He said “You would have thought I had held a steak in front of her nose.”  These catnip toys never fail to please.  They are always a hit with the feline crowd. Thanks for a great product!                                                                                                                                      – T. Douglas

Wellness Core Ocean Dry Dog Food

My skin sensitive, food allergic 10 year old lab is problem free with Wellness Core Grain Free food. I have tried various other grain free foods but always return to Core because my lab gets hot spots, hair loss and itchy ears on any other food. Wellness Core allows her to heal, and she enjoys eating it! Thanks for stocking this product!                                                                                                          – A. Mixon





I have a 13 year old sheltie.  He was having significant pain in his hips and has been unable to walk on slick surfaces without falling.  He also had a difficult time getting up from either a sitting or laying position and had become very lethargic.  All is Well recommended DGP as a supplement to help with the pain.  After just one week, there was a remarkable difference in his activity level and demeanor.  He was running around like a puppy again!!  I cannot believe how much this product has enhanced his quality of life.  Thanks All is Well for introducing me to this product.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               – Cecelia P.




When I rescued my dog Toby, his skin was pink all around his rear and had lost so much hair that he just had a mane around his neck. Although he was in bad shape, he was very sweet and adjusted very easily to my home. I immediately changed his food to a brand from All is Well and noticed amazing results. He has made a full recovery, his hair is long and silky. I can truly thank the good food he’s been eating from All is Well. Thank you so much for your help!
– Lisa P.