We understand that every little bit helps, so All is Well offers the following discounts to customers:

Product Testimonials – Be the first to review an item and get 10% off your next order!
Just fill out a contact form, select “Testimonial” as the subject, and tell us what you thought about the product.  When you place your next order, a 10% discount will be applied at checkout. Limit one per person.

Autoship Members – If you sign up to receive the same products on a regular basis, we’ll take 10% off those orders. Fill out the contact form, select “Autoship” as the subject, tell us what product(s) you’d like, and when you’d like them delivered. You can cancel or alter your Autoship order any time.

Newsletter Sign Up – Sign up for our newsletter and get a 10% off coupon code for your next order!
The All is Well Monthly Newsletter is short, educational, and includes a fun Trivia Question. Best of all, you’ll gain tons of Pet Nutrition Knowledge so you can impress your friends! This is a one time discount.

Product of the Month – A 10% discount is applied to one product every month.
We feature the product in our newsletter along with a Trivia Question about the item. Be the first to correctly answer the Trivia Question and win a prize!